Executioner - 50 Words for Murder

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This was the first official piece for this project, although far from the beginning. Let me explain in the easiest way I know how to show you what I mean.

This guy here? He’s the same one you see in the painting. See the date? Yeah, it’s been a while. And believe it or not, it’s actually been a lot longer than that.

Julian was one of the first people I created for this universe - back in 2002. Back then, it was just about having characters to draw aside from doing fan art all the time. It wasn’t until a little while later that it turned into writing stories to tell those characters’ stories.

Being one of the first people I created for the universe, it only made sense for him to be the first painting for this project.

He’s changed a lot over the years, but his essence is still what it was to begin with. He’s still that contradictory character he was from the start. Unsure of himself while still extremely confident.

I have written novels about him that I may someday publish as a part of this project for you to get to know him better, but for now those are going to stay under lock and key so I can focus on building the visual side of my universe.

I won’t leave you with nothing, though.

One of the first ‘real’ concept sketches for Julian

One of the first ‘real’ concept sketches for Julian

Executioner - 50 Words for Murder

Executioner - 50 Words for Murder

Julian is a special case in Unspoken Gods, along with a few others.

He’s demon in appearance, and part demon by blood, but he works for the angels. To explain how and why that came to be, I’d be here all day, so I’m going to give you the short and sweet of it.

He wasn’t always demon. He became that way when he was attacked by a demon and left for dead by one of the angels. At the time, he was just a human soul, and as far as the angel knew, he wouldn’t make it through the night due to the venom of the bite.

He spent years on the run after changing, and eventually was found by the angels, who took him in and trained him to do their dirty work for them.

Executioner - 50 Words for Murder
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His story has evolved slightly since it was first conceived, but the core of it has stayed the same no matter how many times I’ve tried to do something different with it. That’s his story, and there’s not much I can do about it now. He has spoken, and that’s what he wants to stick with.

I can’t give away too many details for now, though, as I plan to reveal more about him in the future as I complete more piece of this project.

As for the painting itself, this piece was the one that really kicked things off for me. I had been fiddling with this universe in the shadows for so long that I never really thought about making it my main focus until I finished this piece.

I can’t really explain what it was about this one that did it. Maybe it was that I felt like I could finally create things visually in a way that was close to what I saw in my head. Maybe it’s just that it was time to stop being so scared and just do the thing that makes me happiest.

This project has been 18 years in the making (the first characters were created in 2000), and I’ve spent so much time working on it that I figured it might be time to actually share it.

Taking the step to making this project official has already made it so much easier to talk about and focus on, and I partially have Julian to thank for that.

I’m hoping to share with you the original character who started this whole thing sometime this winter, but I have some other paintings I’d like to finish first. So until then, keep your eyes peeled for the new stuff I’ve got coming, and read these posts to learn more little details you may not read anywhere else for a while.