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When I was young, someone told me that Uriel was my guardian angel. I don’t know why, but it’s stuck with me ever since. So when it came time to paint him, he felt more familiar to me than some of the other characters I’ll be painting in the coming months.

The two paintings I have of him are fairly similar - and that’s because the new one was a repaint of the original (the one on the right). I never hated the first one, but it wasn’t quite what I had pictured.

Uriel is depicted differently depending on which religion or following you ask, but I chose to make him the scholar. He’s always seemed calm to me, and I needed someone who could handle the archives for the angels in my stories. Uriel seemed like the perfect fit.

I did make some changes from the original painting to the new one. I chose not to show his wings in the new painting as I felt it might be overwhelming for the tighter frame. I also made the choice not to paint him in glasses because I didn’t want to distract from his eyes by adding clutter that wasn’t necessary. (His glasses are just reading glasses, and angels by default have perfect eyesight.)

So to give you a little more backstory on Uriel:

He was not always the librarian and archivist I’ve decided to show. He once helped Michael lead the angelic armies in war.

When he decided he had had enough of war and fighting, he bowed out and formally stepped down from his position as a general so he could focus primarily on his work in the archives instead.

While this left Michael with more to do, it helped the angelic army be more prepared for battle. Uriel could spend more time strategizing and planning tactical moves to give the angels the advantage in battle, and became a priceless asset in that respect.

He still knows how to fight as well as any of the warrior angels, but chooses to keep off the front lines unless he’s absolutely needed.

Uriel is also responsible for writing and recording important events in all of the realms of the Unspoken Gods universe for the archives of the angelic fortress in Caelum, where historical records from times lost are still stored.

  • Signed by Kimberley Crawford

  • Paper size: 11” wide x 14” tall

  • Limited edition currently not available

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