The Fire Inside

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I’m a little (a lot) late getting this post written, but it’s because I’ve been busy creating new art, getting some new products made, and getting the shop set up. So the next post might come fairly soon after this one to make sure I’m all caught up as soon as possible.

This one features Theo, a dragon who is more than he seems. And if you’re wondering why a dragon would be named something as generic as Theo, that was his own choice for current times. His name was originally Taeo.

Theo represents the apocalypse in Unspoken Gods, and is a companion to another character who embodies ‘the end’ and will be making an appearance soon. He is a destroyer who helps bring about the very end of everything.

I can’t share too much about Theo, as I don’t want to spoil anything I plan to release in the future. I want to tell his story and share his relationship with my other characters, but I will not get a chance to do that in the coming months, or even year. I do, however, hope to paint him again this winter to show more than just his face.

What I can share is that this piece was originally meant to focus on another character completely. I had sketched it out so that Theo would act as a background, but as I started painting, I realized that the focus had to be on him rather than the character that was going to be in front of him.

The Fire Inside
  • Signed by artist

  • Paper size: 11” wide x 14” tall

  • Limited edition currently not available

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