It's Time

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It’s been a while since I posted any real updates on the site, as I’ve been taking a bit of a mental health break and working on some things behind the scenes, but I figured it was time for me to finally get back on track and post up some stuff for some of the more recent paintings I’ve created for the project.

This one took a bit longer than I had hoped, thanks to some technical difficulties, but it's finally done and I can show you the finished piece!

It didn't turn out to be anything like I had originally planned. I wanted them to be in a snowy plain with mountains and a sunset in the back with smoke billowing from an unknown source. That changed in the sketching process this time around. (I attempted this painting as described above a month ago and failed miserably after a week of trying to make it work.)

Arista and Ripper are both of Inferis and must travel between the kingdoms there to carry out their work. I've decided not to show them in Inferis as they travel freely among the different realms and are not confined to the underworld.

As I share more work for this project, it will become clear that many of the gods, angels, and demons can travel freely among at least a couple of the realms in Unspoken Gods. Most can’t move between more than two, but some, like Arista and Ripper, have the ability to transport themselves to almost any of the known realms in the universe.

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It's Time
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