Cerberus is one of the most recognizable of the characters in Unspoken Gods. His reputation in modern times is well known, and many people know who he is without any introduction.

Cerberus is a guardian in Inferis, as well as a ‘pet’ of Hades. In Unspoken Gods, he does not possess a serpent tail, but is merely in the form of a dog with three heads.

But he is much more than that. Cerberus is not a Greek, but an ancient. He is much older than the Greeks he is normally associated with, having been created many millennia before them.

I wanted to give him more purpose than merely as a pet, so while he spends much of his time in Hades, he can roam about any of the Inferis realms and is considered a helper to any of the rulers of the underworld when needed.

I have personally always pictured him as more of a pitbull-looking dog, so it only seemed right to portray him as such. He was modeled after my own dogs, and each of his heads has a slightly different personality. Winning over one does not ensure that the other two will be so easy.

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