Unspoken Gods
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Inferis is the collection I am currently focusing on. It’s the name given to the Underworld kingdoms as a whole in the Unspoken Gods universe, and this collection will include gods, demons, and other beings that reside or hold power in Inferis.

Caelum represents the Unspoken Gods version of the overworld, or the ‘heavens’. Here you can find angels, gods, and typically benevolent beings.

Unspoken Gods would be nothing without the characters. Click through the banner to see a growing list of the characters as they are added to the site.

Sentences. is out now

Sometimes truth comes easiest in the form of fiction. These stories explore themes such as love, loss, death, and grief, but in the form of easily digestible sentences – short stories so short that they can be enjoyed a few at a time in only a few minutes, or devoured as the full collection in one sitting. Follow the thoughts and actions of the angels, demons, and gods from Unspoken Gods, the author's collection of otherworldly characters and histories.



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